Girls and Boys First B-Ball Game of the '08


WOW!! Where do I start? Well, first of the basketball game was exciting, but tensed. We didn't win but we still didn't lose. In the first quarter we didn't make any points.
We played first. However, towards the end we made 8 points so we bounced back and tried our best. I think we did pretty good for our first game. Everytime we made a basket
we would sream in excitement. It was funny. We were playing and the most important part is that we had fun. We might have literally lost but in spirit we won. There are a lot of rules
that had to be followed though. We couldn't double dribble, travel, or hit anyone on the opposite team(Lady Bears) or it would be clarified as a foul. We tried and did our best and worked
hard as a team, eventhough the opposite team was pretty good. The score was 28 to 8 and we worked hard to get those 8 points (Alexis, Kelsey, Valentina, Amber, Courtney, Allenya, Erin, Malica and I)..

However, we were not the only ones who played. The boys played too. Now that was an exciting game to watch. We, the girls were jumping up and down, cheering. Everytime
The boys had the ball we would scream GO GO GO, though, the boys had it difficult. All of the other boys on the opposite team had tall boys. No one on the other team was short.
The boys had a lot of free-throws and Jordan made a free-throw that made our team get that 1 point they had. Our team still did good. The way they would run and try to save that ball
from getting out. In my heart they still won even with that 1 point. They played real good and worked up a sweat. The score was 1 to 40..

By Mariel O'Reilly

ENCCS Middle School's Basketball Game Schedule


Middle School Girl's Basketball Team

Middle School Boy's Basketball Team
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